Select A Guitar Teacher For You

Most guitarists choose instructors based on the wrong criteria. Many choose their teacher based on: price, the teacher’s guitar playing skills and his musical education. Wrong! These criteria offer no objective proof of a guitar teacher’s ability to help you with your guitar playing.

Here is what does: a long list of students whom your prospective teacher has taught to play at a very high level. These students must play exactly the way you want to play while having reached the musical goals you have.

Only proof of results matters. Nothing else matters unless this proof is established.

Think about it: Isn’t this how you would choose your accountant, doctor, car mechanic, doctor or a specialist in any other profession?

Question: “But Tom Hess, what about the teachers’ lesson rates?… or the guitar teacher’s playing ability and music education credentials? Don’t these things count for something?”

Answer: No. Here’s why:

Guitar lesson rates: Many people choose guitar teachers based on who is cheaper. They falsely assume that guitar teachers (and guitar lessons) are the same everywhere (like buying milk at the grocery store).

Fact: teachers who charge the lowest price are usually new to teaching or have poor guitar teaching skills. Great teachers usually charge more because they provide the most value to their students.

That said, some guitar teachers may use high price to trick you. They know that many people equate “expensive” with “high quality”. This is why you cannot look at price alone to determine which guitar teacher to take lessons from.

Guitar playing ability: Having great guitar playing skills does not make someone a great guitar teacher. The world is full of virtuoso guitar players who cannot teach anyone else to play guitar.

You want to see proof of your teachers’ teaching skills. The only thing that provides this proof is a long list of satisfied guitar students who are great musicians and vouch for his teaching ability.